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Why The Previous Button Is On The Left
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Buttons are everywhere, and buttons are used as a modern product in clothing, originating in Europe in the eighteenth century. It can be imagined that at that time, the high-end products that could be applied to the buttons on the clothing were no less than the girls in the modern society who set a carat diamond on a certain finger. Therefore, it is found that the ladies who wear button clothing must be rich and expensive. There are housekeepers at home, French teachers, boys and horses, and cooking maids. Of course, there must also be a hairdresser and a dressing maid. In ancient times, there were buttons and clothes. Represents wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, the eighteenth-century ladies did not need to dress themselves. When a maid dressed for the hostess, it was a huge workload to buckle dozens or even hundreds of buttons on the third and third floors. And the "button" action is a servant action, the hostess's small, white hands can't do such a rough work. Therefore, the button seam is a technical detail, even an economic category, on the side of the handy maid. Most human habits make it easier to operate the button seam on the right side. For a maid, when facing the button, the button on the left is in line with the requirements of physiology and economics.

In fact, I think that many male friends do not have enough money to ask the housekeeper and the dressing maid for the woman he loves, but they are willing to stand in front of her and hand-pick the button for her. Therefore, the button is on the left, which can be said to be a symbol of the ancient aristocracy, or it can be said to be one of the ways in which men can express their love for women.