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Why Do The Suit Cuffs Have Three Buttons?
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Speaking of suits, many people may pass through, but the style of wearing suits is not the same for everyone. There are many different ways to distinguish between suit buttons. Therefore, according to the habit of suits, although it is a Western costume, but now also has its own dress in the country. For example, why a suit only buckles a button, why the suit cuffs and three buttons are not the same.

Each suit jacket has 2~3 small buttons for decoration at the cuffs. This is a harmonious and relaxing effect on the narrow and short suit sleeves. Its origins are very interesting. Legend has it that Napoleon, the big-named figure in the history of France, is known for his military life. He has a reckless general, Lu Bijin, who can fight for good warfare, but the style is not complete. He often wipes his nose on his cuffs. He is convenient, drinking and drinking. For this reason, Napoleon repeatedly exhorted, but it did not work, expelled from the military, he is a rare talent. Later, Napoleon ordered the uniforms of the military uniforms to be decorated with decorative copper nails. Not only did they strengthen their military capacity, but they also corrected Lu Bijin’s habit of blowing his cuffs.

After several corrections, the pointed copper nails became decorative buckles, but before the cuffs were inconvenient, they gradually moved to the back of the cuffs. It is these origins that form some of the norms of wearing suits today, including the emphasis on buttons.