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Why Are Men's And Women's Shirt Buttons Different?
- Nov 06, 2018 -

Shirts, almost everyone's wardrobes have one, or personality, or simple, or elegant, or formal, different styles. In terms of fabrics, it is also diverse, such as silk, linen, and cotton. However, in the evolution of the style of the shirt, a tradition has almost continued, that is, the button of the men's shirt is mostly on the right side, and the button of the women's shirt is on the left side.

Although this distinction has no special practical reasons in modern society, most people may use it as a way to distinguish men's and women's shirts. The button appeared around the 13th century, and this tradition seems to have started from that time, and people tried to link it to social history to explain the reasons behind these differences.

The following are four more common theories.

The dressing tradition of women in high society

There is a theory that in the Victorian era, women's costumes in the upper class were complicated and complicated, and they needed a helper to help dress up. Therefore, in order to allow the servant to help the owner to dress, the right hand is more convenient to buckle, the button of the female clothes is set on the left.

Because men's costumes don't rely on maids, they are used to wearing clothes. For convenience, the buttons on men's shirts are nailed to the right.

horse riding

In the early days, the knights rode on the left while riding, in order to reduce the intensity of the wind into the shirt during the ride, the button was nailed to the left.


To facilitate breastfeeding, nail the button to the left.

Combat techniques and weapons

Medieval men have the possibility of fighting and fighting at any time, so men usually wear swords on the left hand side to facilitate right hand movements. In order to prevent the shirt from obstructing the sword, it is necessary to have the button nail on the right side. At the same time, in order to protect the powerful right hand with the knife from freezing, the buttons on the right side make it easy for them to reach into the clothes for heating.

The development of clothing to today, the color of history fades, the difference becomes an old-fashioned charm. Some apparel manufacturers are beginning to produce and sell shirts for men and women, and people in modern society don't care too much about whether the buttons are nailed to the left or to the right.