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The Authenticity Identification Method Of Nylon Zipper
- Oct 29, 2018 -

Nowadays, the market for nylon zippers is huge. Many people have seen the business opportunities. They have changed the nylon zipper to the zipper factory for imitation goods. The modification from the top is mostly truncated. After the truncation, it is necessary to add a termination. Preventing the nylon zipper from slipping out, this termination will not be able to adhere to the original termination of the nylon zipper, and the fake will eventually be revealed.

Nylon zippers are classified according to their structure: upper end termination, lower end termination, teeth, sliders and tapes. The distinction between authentic nylon zippers involves many aspects. According to the number of sliders, it is divided into single slider and double slider, among which the most used in outdoor products is nylon zipper.

The original nylon zipper must first be identified from the zipper head itself, whether it is the handle of the nylon zipper or the zipper head itself has at least one logo, especially the font position of the handle of the nylon zipper, rare is the wide body and the narrow body. The wide body is generally the one that started in 2007 and 2008, and the front of the zipper has a logo.

At present, there are two kinds of fonts on the original nylon zipper: one is a rare narrow body, and the other is a wide body. From the current point of view, the use of a wide body for fakes is relatively small, and the use of narrow bodies is relatively large. If the font on the nylon zipper is wide-body, it is generally more likely to be genuine, and of course it needs to be identified from more convenience.

Whether it is a resin single-head zipper or a nylon single-head zipper, it has a common feature that the lower end of the zipper terminates the logo on the top, and this logo is generally a true zipper.

The upper end terminates if the true zipper is generally terminated with a rounded corner. After the end is finished, the upper end is terminated. Nylon zippers are generally clamped with metal or plastic clips to prevent the zipper from pulling over. Seeing this, in general, the true and false of the zipper, it is judged that it is inseparable.

As long as the double-headed zipper has a common feature, it is to use the 5VS series for a big pairing. It is a small and large form. The upper zipper is slightly smaller, and the lower one is slightly larger to form a double zipper. The zipper is a metal one with a metallic zipper and one with a coated zipper.

Most nylon zippers are matt, some have a slight luster, and the genuine zipper with a metallic texture looks strong metallic. Counterfeit goods are generally used in comparison with black ones. They look black and shiny, and fakes also have a similar imitation.

The integrity of the nylon zipper is very important and an important factor in judging the true and false, for nylon zippers. A complete nylon zipper should be available with a logo at the end of the end and a termination of the company's unique fillet at the end.

Most of the upper end is not processed by the original factory but added after the domestic zipper factory. Why is this? To everyone, explain that some imitation goods use a genuine nylon zipper. Some domestic fake goods factories buy some genuine nylon zippers from some special reselling accessories merchants. These nylon zippers are the remaining nylons in some factories in China because of the nylon zipper length and the nylon needed for the fake factory. The length of the zipper is different.