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Single-breasted And Double-breasted: How To Buckle The Suit?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

The suit has its own elegant temperament, which has become the darling of people's wardrobes. In order to wear the suit correctly, the small buttons are also very particular. Properly wearing a suit and buttoning up not only makes the clothes fit better, but also shows that the wearer is a person who pays attention to details and improves his temperament.

Single and double breasted

First of all, distinguish between single and double row button suits and suitable occasions. Single-breasted suits have only one row of buttons, ranging in size from 1-3; double-breasted buttons have two parallel buttons. Usually, double-breasted suits are more formal and solemn than single-breasted suits, and are suitable for more serious and serious occasions.

Single-breasted suit

A button: buckled on the dignified, no casual, can be free. In general, the suit jacket is buckled when standing, and it is not buckled when sitting down.

Two buttons: The button on the top is not buckled, and the button on the bottom is generally not buckled.

Three buttons: generally only need to buckle the middle button, the top button can be used as needed, the bottom button is not buckled.

Double-breasted suit

The double-breasted suit has six buttons, but only four buttonholes, generally need to buckle all the buttons, stable and dignified. However, modern gentlemen also popularize the button in the lower right corner to create another dignified but chic fashion.

to sum up

In general, whether it is a double-breasted or a single-breasted buckle, it is generally necessary to pay attention to the etiquette of "sitting while unbuttoning, when standing." When standing, buckle the suit button to prevent the action and talk when the suit runs. When you sit down, untied the suit button, so that the clothes are dressed up, avoiding binding to the body and creating wrinkles.