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Must Know The Common Sense Of Clothing Accessories
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Silk screen: The effect of silk screen printing has a lot to do with the printed materials. The effect of silk screen printing mainly depends on the following aspects: the printed silk screen can not have the phenomenon of glue falling, which can be seen by sticking with adhesive paper; the surface is shiny, there is no fine hole, there is no rough feeling, and there is a certain thickness of printing. Did not see the background color of the material, and it is not easy to stick dust; the silk screen edge is smooth, there is no feeling of dog teeth printing; it will not fade; of course, it should be noticed that it can not be cracked when it is printed with elastic and elastic material. It can be clearly seen by pulling out the material. The color registration should be accurate and not displaced.

Electric embroidery: The effect of electric embroidery has a great relationship with the straight and horizontal fabric of the material. The effect of electric embroidery mainly depends on the following aspects: the density should be enough, the bottom material should not be seen; the thickness should be uniform, not big or small; the edge of the electric embroidery should be even and smooth, and the edges should not be uneven;

Rubber seal: good rubber seal will not break, will not discolor, no stickiness, smooth edges, clear surface content, even in high temperature areas will not be deformed and soft.

Voltage: The general material used for voltage is PVC, smooth soft leather. The pressure inside the gas should be full, not venting, elastic, and the surrounding is smooth and will not burst. The lines are clear.

Ribbon class:

1. Ribbon:

1) According to the material: nylon / Tedron / PP / acrylic / cotton nylon and PP webbing distinction: the general nylon webbing is first woven and dyed, so the color of the yarn after splitting will be whitened due to uneven dyeing. Color, and PP webbing is because the yarn is dyed and woven first, so there is no phenomenon that the yarn is white; in contrast, the nylon webbing is more glossy and softer than the PP weave; the chemical reaction can also be distinguished by burning; the price of the nylon webbing is generally Higher than PP Ribbon Tedron Ribbon is softer, and the matt acrylic webbing is composed of Tedron and cotton. The price of the cotton web is generally higher.

2) According to the weaving method: plain weave / small corrugated / twill / safety webbing / pit pattern / bead pattern / jacquard and other PP webbing can be divided into 900D/1200D/1600D according to the thickness of the yarn; at the same time we should pay attention to the thickness and thickness of the webbing Also determine its unit price and toughness

3) According to the specification: 10MM/12MM/15MM/20MM/25MM/30MM/32MM/38MM/50MM, etc.

2. Edge band:

1) According to the material: nylon / Tedron / PP / Lycra and other nylon edging belts are used more, generally used for inner edging, thick nylon edging for external edging, not easy to wrinkle The edging belt is softer and the price is higher than that of nylon. The quilted PP plain woven tape used for soft fabrics is mostly used for the edging of large bags. For example, the lycra edging belts such as wave bags have high price, soft and lustrous, and are used in boutique bags. On, such as GOLF club sets, etc.

2) According to the grain line: ordinary plain weave/herringbone pattern and other herringbone pattern with multi-purpose nylon and PP, nylon herringbone belt is more expensive, and the shrinkage is larger, it is necessary to pay attention to its wide-P character when counting materials. There are more on the market now, and it is more beautiful for outsourcing, but the lines are encrypted or not.

Note: When making the edge of the main material trim, be sure to pay attention to the texture and cutting method (straight cut / oblique cut / cross cut) to avoid wrinkling

Zipper slider:

1) Zipper:

(1) According to the material: nylon / plastic / metal / fresh zipper, etc.

(2) by size: 10#/8#/7#(大5#)/5#/3#, etc.

(3) According to the function points: 100 yards / strip / waterproof / reverse wear, etc. Striped zipper is divided into left insert and right insert, and there are openings and closed / length of the waterproof zipper for reverse wear, and due to sizing Differently divided into upper fog glue and bright glue

2) Pull the head:

(1) According to the material: plastic steel / metal / fresh-keeping slider, etc.

(2) According to the pull tab: ordinary (no pull tab / short pull tab / long pull tab) / customer dedicated pull tab

(3) The slider is usually a metal slider. Because of its different plating methods, it can be divided into electric white/sand electric/electric black/baked fog black/black nickel/bronze/dumb copper/hanging white/hanging gold. Etc., please refer to the manufacturer's catalogue. The plating method should pay attention to the color difference of each batch of goods.

Note: The zipper puller must be used together. Sometimes the zipper pulls of different manufacturers may also have problems.

Elastic band:

1) Common elastic band is a strong elastic band, which can be used for pen insertion/enveloping, etc. The folded elastic band is used for edging, which is more beautiful for Japanese customers.

2) elastic band and medical elastic band/knit elastic band, etc.

Line class:

1) Classification of lines, the line is generally divided into 0#/10#/30#/40#, a wide variety, including nylon thread/polyester thread/bondi thread/cotton yarn/mark line/transparent fishing line, etc.

2) The special thread has wax line/waterproof line, etc. At the same time, the general nylon thread will be oily. When the fabric of the car (with EMB fabric), you need to use the oil line to avoid oil leakage and fabric. Dirty; car thinner fabric with 40# line, not easy to wrinkle

Velcro tape (velcro):

The hook and loop fasteners are divided into A B faces (ie, hook faces and matte faces). The specifications produced by the manufacturer are 16MM/20MM/25MM/38MM/50MM/100MM, depending on whether

The same function, the hook and loop fastener can be specially processed, such as sulfur-resistant / phenol yellow / fire-resistant belt / CT glue not only hair / soft hook / high frequency with a buckle belt / self-adhesive hook and loop tape, etc.