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How To Choose A Premium Resin Zipper?
- May 09, 2017 -

1. The selection of the limit code for the resin zipper: the top and bottom must fasten the microphone tooth or clamp on the microphone tooth, must guarantee its sturdy perfect.
2. The resin zipper pulls the head choice: The metal zipper pulls the head the modelling more, the finished product can be small and meticulous, can also be rough and majestic, but no matter how the pull head, all want to feel the pull head La Qi is freely, will not have a zipper pull or close the phenomenon, now on the market for the sale of resin pulled the head with self-locking device, so in pulling the zipper, have to check that the lock down after fixing the zipper will slip down.
3. The choice of cloth belt: Because the metal resin zipper cloth Belt Raw material is polyester thread, suture, core line, and other kinds of silk thread composition, its components, coloring is different, so in the same zipper easy to produce chromatic aberration, at this time to select the cloth belt when dyeing evenly, no turbidity, different cloth produced by the soft touch of the main.
4. The choice of the microphone tooth: the microphone tooth of the metal zipper is also plated colored, so in the purchase must pay attention to whether the surface plating color uniformity, there is no color flower phenomenon, pulling up and down the zipper is smooth, zipper in the pull, must observe whether or not the teeth of each other bite, asymmetric zipper teeth will definitely affect the use of zippers.

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