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Daily Zipper Use Tips
- Aug 16, 2018 -

1. What problems should I pay attention to when using zippers?

(1) When pulling the slider, the force should not be too large;

(2) When using the cannula and socket, the idea is to insert the cannula into the bottom end of the socket cavity before pulling the slider;

(3) For the zipper on the bag, when there are too many things installed, if the zipper is pulled hard when the zipper is closed, the zipper is too strong, and the teeth will be detached from the belt. The left and right teeth of the zipper should be pulled closer to make the chain head After easy passage, slowly close the zipper.

2. When opening and closing the zipper, sometimes the chain bites the tape or the fabric and the slider does not move. What should I do?

In this case, if the slider is forcibly pulled, it will bite deeper and deeper. On the one hand, the slider should be reversed, and on the one hand, the fabric will be untied. When you are completely biting in, do not pull the slider vigorously. Please slowly pull the slider back.

3. What should I do if there is a stuck card in the usual zipper?

If the jam occurs when pulling the zipper, pull the slider back a certain distance and pull the zipper forward. Do not pull it hard, otherwise the chain teeth will be skewed and fall off.

4. When using the zipper, the opening and closing is not smooth, what should I do?

If you pull the slider hard, it will cause a chain tooth bite failure. At this point, apply paraffin or a lubricating spray to the surface and inside of the element, then move the slider a few times and then slide it loose.

5. What should I pay attention to when washing clothes with zipper?

When washing clothes, it is advisable to pull the zipper. This is the best condition for the zipper to wash. This not only extends the life of the zipper, but also reduces the wear on the inner wall of the washing machine.

6, the zipper head stuck in the cloth, so that the zipper board is broken or the zipper can not be closed, what should I do?

Use one hand to pry the jammed cloth to the sides and pull it to the back. Pull the chain with the other hand and pull it forward. Do not use excessive force to prevent the pull plate from breaking, and then return the zipper to its original state. In addition, when sewing, make sure that the amount of space in the zipper tape is so that the zipper head can be used smoothly.

7. What problems should I pay attention to when using zippers for leather goods or wool products?

Copper alloy zippers for leather goods or wool are first rust-proofed and then combined with leather products or wool.

8. If the dark zipper and the light-colored clothes are put together, it is easy to produce the problem of color transfer printing and dyeing. How to solve it?

When the dark zipper and the light-colored main material are sealed in the same polyethylene bag, the paper is used to separate the zipper from the main material to avoid such a situation.