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Brief Description Of The Making And Style Of Buttons
- Sep 04, 2018 -

With the development of the times, the buttons from the material to the shape and the production process are more and more colorful and beautiful. The data shows that the buttons on the clothes of the Qing Dynasty are mostly small round buckles made of copper, big like a scorpion, small Like the bean granules, the folks use the plain noodles, that is, the surface is smooth and grainless, and the court or the nobles use large copper buckles or copper enamel gold buckles, gold buckles, and silver buckles. Buttons are often engraved or engraved with various patterns, such as dragon patterns, flying phoenix patterns and general patterns. Buttons are also nailed differently, with single, double or triple rows.

After Qianlong, the production process of buttons has become more and more sophisticated, and the buttons for clothing have become more and more stressful. Various buttons made of various materials have been used in the market, and they are all strange, and they have everything to do. For example, there are gold-plated buckles, silver-plated buckles, threaded buckles, burnt blue buckles, buckles and so on. Also valuable are the white jade Buddha buckle, gold-plated pearl buckle, three-inlaid jade buckle, inlaid gold agate buckle and coral buckle, honey wax buckle, amber buckle and so on and even diamond buttons. The buttons are also rich in variety, such as the branches of flowers, birds and beasts, Fu Lu Shouyi, and even the zodiac, etc., can be said to be all-encompassing and varied.