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Zipper corrosion and maintenance skills
- Aug 20, 2018 -

Aluminum alloy zippers are more susceptible to corrosion during use. They should be kept dry and not damp when used. This can prevent white teeth from forming white oxides to a certain extent. This causes the zipper to rust, which directly affects its use.

    The zipper needs effective attention and cannot be in contact with acidic and alkaline substances. The product must be kept in a certain degree of ventilation during the preservation process. Never keep it sealed or stored in a humid environment. Use moisture-proof paper or desiccant if necessary.

    After the zipper is damp, if you pull it up, you can take the zipper first, then apply some wax to the zippered teeth and then use the fire to bake it. Lubricated.

    In the process of pulling the zipper, it is necessary to first align the teeth on both sides, and then effectively pinch the zipper head and gently pull forward along the track, so that the force is not too strong during the pulling process, so that it can be avoided to some extent. Causes the teeth to be skewed or dislocated.

    If the zipper is uncomfortable or the pull is not flexible, you can use a cloth to clean it and then apply a layer of white wax on the teeth. All kinds of pockets, bags and wallets with zippers should not be overfilled. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the zipper to be skewed and cloth soft.

    If the zipper is rusted, use it with a candle and soap on the zipper for a few times, then slowly pull it back and forth several times. This will increase the lubricity of the zipper to a certain extent. It can prevent the zipper from rusting.