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What is the metal button? The characteristics of the metal button
- Aug 02, 2018 -

What is a metal button? The characteristics of metal buttons, metal buttons are made of metal material, the style of metal buttons can be divided into metal four-button, high-grade four-button, button, denim, rivet, angle nail, corn, gas Eyes, stitches, etc. The design of metal buttons is different from pure art design such as carving, sculpture and painting. It includes shape, pattern, color, material, practicability, durability, and the productivity and craftability of mass industrial production.

What are the characteristics of metal buttons?

    Among the many button types, metal buttons are widely used. Its variety of colors can be applied to a variety of clothing, accessories and packaging decoration. With the pursuit of fashion and material culture, the button The use of buckles for decorative items is also becoming more and more widespread. This type of change has led to major changes in the types and materials of buttons, and the variety of varieties will always be dazzling.

    Among our common varieties, there are round, square, diamond, ellipse, leaf shape, etc. according to the shape; there are embossed flowers, concave flowers, inlays, edging, etc. according to the color of the flowers; , pearl, electroplating, metal, etc., as well as no need to sew, no wires, no buttonhole buttons, etc.; there are also some discs made of natural fabrics, which can be carefully patterned into various shapes and artistic, such as butterfly , goldfish New Zealand, plum blossoms, chicken heart, etc. and according to the characteristics of the material can be divided into four categories: synthetic material buttons, natural material buttons, combination buttons and metal buttons.