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What is a combination button?
- Nov 08, 2018 -

Combination button refers to a button made up of two or more different materials in a certain way.

With the development of adhesive technology, any two materials can be bonded together. The buttons are made of a wide variety of materials, and the buttons of any two materials can be bonded together, so the type of the combination button is numerous. However, in terms of the internationally popular combination buttons, the largest and most influential are resin-ABS plating combination, resin-metal plating combination, resin-water diamond combination, metal-water diamond combination, ABS-plated metal combination, Metal-epoxy combination, etc.

The various combinations of buttons have different final properties due to the combination of materials. However, if the combination button is compared with other single material buttons, the combination button features are obvious, that is, the function is more comprehensive and decorative. Strong. The combination of buttons in the world is becoming more and more popular, reflecting the pursuit of colorful and personalized clothing.

In clothing, the cost of buttons is very low, but it contributes a lot to improving the quality of clothing. It can be said that the button is the eye of the garment, a piece of clothing, if the button is selected, the button can play a finishing touch. Due to the rich materials, the combination buttons are mostly hand-made, with less production batches and individualized features, which cater to the pursuit of individuality in the fashion industry. With the development of the garment industry, the combination buttons will continue to improve the quality and grade, and develop towards multiple varieties and high quality.