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How to match clothing and buttons
- Aug 25, 2018 -

Selection of professional clothing buttons:

The style of professional clothing is solemn, tidy, and long-wearing. Buttons are often determined by the industry itself. But the overall selection principle is to reflect the characteristics of professional clothing. In addition to the appearance, durability should be considered in terms of quality. In order to achieve this goal, light alloy materials or high-strength synthetic resins, such as nylon and formaldehyde resin, are often used as base buttons, and special signature accessories are used to show the industry characteristics.

High-end durable clothing with button selection:

The high-end of the button is mainly reflected in whether its material is high-grade, whether the shape is beautiful, whether the color is beautiful, and whether the durability is good. These aspects must be considered comprehensively. The general color and shape are often easy to identify, but the material and durability may not be considered enough. For example, imitation gold plated buttons on the market are popular and the price is low. These buttons are usually made of ABS plastic after imitation gold plating. At the beginning of the button, its color is more beautiful, but if the button surface treatment is not strict The storage time is slightly longer, it will fade and turn green, and it will become another kind of touch. If the button is used in a high-end clothing, often the clothing has not been sold, and the button is discolored, which will inevitably affect the sales of the clothing. Therefore, in the selection of buttons, in addition to the beauty of color and shape, but also consider the durability of the color (if it is electroplated buttons, the quality of 16K gold plating is better). In addition, the button's eyelet tensile strength must be large. If you have a dark-eye button or a button with a handle, the wall thickness at the eye groove should be sufficient. These buttons are often made of resin buttons. They are decorated with various metal or ABS gold-plated inserts and outer transparent resin epoxy glue. They are stable, beautiful and durable.

Lightweight clothing with buttons:

These kinds of clothing are mainly summer fashion, light in texture and bright in color. The combination buttons are often made of ABS gold-plated parts, and the nylon inserts or epoxy epoxy glue make the whole button bright and colorful. The color is stable and the texture is light. At the same time, because the button handle is made of high-strength nylon, the whole button will not be broken.

Children's clothing button selection:

Children's clothing buttons should embody two characteristics: first, the color should be gorgeous, and second, the strength of the button should be large. Because children have the habit of grasping clothes with their hands or with their mouths, the buttons must be firm and cannot be caught. In addition, with the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, the safety requirements of children's products in the world are becoming more and more strict, and the buttons are no exception. Combination buttons for children's wear are generally not required to contain heavy metals and toxic elements. At present, the plated parts used in the combination buttons often contain nickel, and the pearlescent buttons in the resin buttons often contain lead. The various dyes contain some azo dyes that are initially disabled, so they must be carefully considered when selecting.