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Classification of zipper up and down
- Nov 06, 2018 -

The zipper stops mainly refer to the upper and lower stops, and the open zippers use squares and pins. The shape of the stops on the different types of zippers is different. The top, bottom, and square, the pins can be classified according to the materials and shapes used, and the upper and lower stops can also be classified according to the color. The upper and lower blocks are mainly made of metal and non-metal. The upper and lower metal materials are usually made of aluminum alloy and copper alloy, and the square pins are zinc alloy. Non-metallic materials mainly use polyoxymethylene and polyester yarn.

Different materials are used, the assembly method is different, and the shape of the upper and lower stops is also different.

The metal of the machine assembly has three spikes and the bottom has a five-pin type. The semi-automatic or manual assembly is terminated by a U-shaped top stop, and the bottom stop is a four-legged nail and a type I. Metal upper and lower stops are mainly used on nylon zippers and metal zippers. These upper and lower teeth are fixed. In addition, there is a movable metal stop. The user can move it according to his own needs and fix it in his desired position. The higher-grade metal has a color that matches the top and bottom of the metal, matching the color of the zipper element.

Ultrasonic assembly. A section of polyester colored monofilament is threaded into the element and ultrasonic vibration is applied to cause a part of the top or bottom end of the element to be melted together with the monofilament to form a top or bottom stop. This method is mainly used on nylon zippers and concealed zippers, such as nylon zipper ultrasonics to make the zipper structure more compact and beautiful.

Injection molding. Through the mold, polyoxymethylene is injection molded on the top and bottom ends of the zipper to form a top and bottom stop, or a square pin. The mold can be designed in a variety of shapes, this method is mainly used on plastic steel zippers. However, there are also nylon zippers and concealed zippers that use injection molding for upper and lower stops, square pins, and feel better. The product design is more compact and can be used for children's wear to increase safety.