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Application of various zipper varieties in fashion design
- Oct 29, 2018 -

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's consumption concepts are changing. People choose clothing from the past to focus on practicality, fashion, and novelty. The addition of more design elements has made today's clothing more numerous. Colorful. As one of the important accessories for clothing, the zipper has also changed from the past test to the ornament of clothing. Globally, 90% of fashion designers pay attention to the zipper's fashion while paying attention to the zipper's functionality, making it serve the fashion design. Therefore, with the variety of styles, functions, and aesthetics of the clothing design, the zippers that match it are also colorful and varied. How to choose the zipper according to the requirements of the clothing design Selecting the zipper needs to consider the compatibility and harmony with the main materials and styles of the garment as well as its decorative art and economical practicability.

It can be considered from the following aspects: (1) Select the zipper according to the strength of the bearing. When considering the strong performance of the zipper, the model of the zipper is mainly selected. (2) According to the fastener element material of the zipper, the material of the fastener determines the shape and basic state of the zipper, especially the softness and the hand feeling, which directly affects the compatibility and aesthetics of the zipper and the garment, such as the injection zipper. Applicable to thicker fabrics, the lightweight zipper meets the requirements of thin fabrics, and the metal zipper is thick and sleek, especially with denim. (3) According to the style of the clothing, the zipper is selected. In the application of the clothing design, the zipper of various materials is combined with the style of the garment, and the clothing is selected according to the difference in fabric, structure and color. Metal-enclosed closed-end or tail-end double-headed pull-down chain, used for heavy-weight denim and high-grade suede clothing; open right-hand or open-end left-hand zipper is mostly used in casual wear and sportswear design; The double-ended and double-tailed zippers are mostly used for children's wear and special tooling design; the invisible zipper with shy appearance is generally used for the design of women's skirts and women's trousers, including some casual little dresses, which make the appearance and shape of the garment look. More concise and smooth. (4) According to the color and decoration of the garment, the zipper is selected. Considering the coordination of the fabric and the accessories in the color design, it is necessary to select the zipper that is consistent with the color of the fabric, so that the main material and the auxiliary material have a seamless effect. . Sometimes, in order to form a strong contrast effect, a more different color is used. At the same time, the slider of the zipper is an important decorative part, which provides more choices for the decoration and marking of the garment. Its personalized and diversified features increase the fashion of the garment and help establish the brand and other enterprises. There is a clear difference in product identification